Aventura Mexicana – Day 4 – Uxmal and La Casa Lorenzo

Posted by on August 9, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Uxmal is a fantastic site.

There’s not much I need to say here. Uxmal is incredible. The best site I’ve been to so far. Great carvings and fantastic architecture. It’s aHUGE site with lots to see. Get there early and stay all day. Fantastic.


La Casa Lorenzo

An elegant chandelier hangs from a tree mixing elegant charm with the mexican tropics.

My friend Larry owns and operates La Casa Lorenzo in Merida, Mexico. It’s a welcomed respite in the concrete jungle—a comfortable oasis to escape the city and super conveniently located. In the Centro colonia, it’s close to everything. We walked to restaurants and shops close by and down to the main plaza (zocalo). Larry is a fantastic host and his casa is definitely your casa. He knows the area, know what to do, and knows how to make a great margarita and stiff dirty gin martini! La Casa is locally appointed and comfortable. Air conditioned rooms, large bathrooms, high ceilings, a great cantina and VERY COOLING pool made our stay one I can’t wait to repeat.

Merida is a fantastic city. Our single day, 2 night stay was definitely not enough to experience what Merida has to offer. Restaurants and shops are fantastic and the street life Friday and Saturday nights was lively and festive. I highly recommend a trip to Merida if you want to get off the beaten Yucatan path.