Aventura Mexicana – Day 5 – Chitchen Itza and Akumal

Posted by on August 9, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chitchen Itza

Chitchen Itza

I don’t think there’s really much to say here. We got up, Larry went to the market to get Conchinita (banana leaf wrapped pit cooked pork), onions, salsa and picante. We had fresh corn tortillas and warm conchinita pork. It was delicious.

We packed up and headed out of the city. The Navigatress sucessfully navigated me to a fuel station and then to the Cuota for our journey to Chitchen Itza.

By the time we got there, some buses had already arrived. The main parking area was mostly empty though. We got a nice parking spot under a tree. It was about 10 or so, we waited in line to get tickets, then waited in the other line to get the other ticket and went in. We walked down vendor row to reveal Kukulkahn’s grandeur.

Having been to Uxmal the day before, Chitchen’s luster was tarnished. All these sites are different and they all offer something special, but compared to Uxmal, Chitchen just doesn’t cut it. However, the huge ball court was open and we thoroughly enjoyed imagining the Maya trying to get that hard rubber ball way up into that small hoop.

We wandered around, admiring all the engravings and skull racks. Went down to the cenote, took some pictures, bought a friolo from a little girl selling them. It was the perfect way to cool off because, you guessed it, it was hot as hell and we were dripping with sweat. We made the rounds, did some haggling and shopping. Bought a plate and a skull bowl and headed out knowing we had a long drive to Akumal ahead.

Grabbed an espresso in Valladolid to fuel up for the drive to Akumal.

We stopped in Valladolid on the way, ate a Domino’s pizza (we had seen one in town a few days before when we were there and it just sounded good), grabbed an espresso and got back on the road.

We sped down the road dodging buses, slow cars, bike riders, dogs and pedestrians. Crossing over topes and other speed slowing devices through the many small towns on the way. We ran into a torrential rain storm that pretty much blinded us. Our fabuolous rental’s wipers worked OK, but certainly were not Yucatan Thunderstorm Downpour rated (see video below). Alyssa kept me on track as we followed the green signs to Tulum. and then up to Akumal.


Arrival in Akumal

Ahh, back at the beach!

After a long day driving from Merida we finally arrived at Akumal—place of the turtle. Akumal is a small beach community between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It’s off the beaten path and gorgeous. Between shops, restaurants, cantinas, the dive shop and fantastic beaches, there’s nowhere in Mexico I’d rather be. We stayed at La Joya, a condo on Half Moon Bay. This is my 3rd time to Akumal within the year. I’ve offically been crowned an “Akumalic”—and I dont mind one bit. Interested in coming here? Check this site for all things Akumal! LocoGringo.com

So now that we are in Akumal, it’s time to slooooow down. Take a break. Hang out at the beach. Snorkel. Have a drink and rest a bit. Each day up until now has been packed with amazing activities each better than the previous. Now that we’re in Akumal, things have slowed down. Alyssa asks, “How are we going to top the last few days?”. We’ll we’re about to find out.